Texts, Sources, Contexts

This site is designed to make freely available to advanced students and scholars volume two of the Wesleyan University Press critical edition of Stèles / 古今碑錄 by Victor Segalen and to serve as a gateway for the further study and appreciation of Segalen's poetry. Volume One (available only in print) contains a facsimile reproduction of the 1914 edition, a complete English translation, and extensive critical notes and materials. Volume Two (available only online) contains excerpts of sources and contexts as well as the unpublished stèles found in Segalen's manuscripts, and much more!  We have also prepared a complete text of Stèles / 古今碑錄 especially for this site, which is formatted to approximate the original edition, for those who do not yet have the facsimile, and we will continue to add more resources and updates as they become available.

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