The Complete Text / Texte intégral

The complete text of the poems from the original 1914 Beijing edition of Stèles / 古 今碑錄, by Victor Segalen, is available for download below. This text has been prepared especially for this site in lieu of the facsimile pages in volume 1 of the Wesleyan University Press critical edition, which are protected by copyright. Every effort as been made to approximate the formatting of the page as Segalen designed it; and readers who compare this version to other currently available editions will instantly see how much they have altered the format in order to suit the requirements of modern printing. This version is the most accurate text available on the internet. 
You may download the stèles by individual sections or in one large file. The pages have been arranged so that if you view or print them two-to-a-page, you will see the poems as they were originally organized by Segalen in pairs of facing stèles, in which one-page stèles always stand side-by-side and two-page stèles always show both parts at once in the open book. [For more on this feature with relation to the binding and the concept of the collection, see Stèles / 古 今碑錄 (2007), vol. 1, pp. 36 and 296-297.]

Download / Télécharger

Stèles face au midi

Stèles face au nord

Stèles orientées

Stèles occidentées

Stèles du bord du chemin

Stèles du milieu

Complete poems in one file (3.2MB)

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